The Thief of Baramos #1

” Thieves of San Ramos The crown of love ” is the first of a series of burglaries in literature Ramos . Highly successful fantasy literature in India and ranks 10 of 101 of this book , writer, reader. A survey of the Writers Guild of Canada .
Le Prince de Ibero ‘s own nickname thieves of San Ramos . Young cheerful and witty . But often inadvertently create a fuss . Le Prince used throughout Aden with his nomadic life . Earn a living as a thief.
Life of Frederick Prince of change in a few short weeks. When his father sent him to school in King of Edinburgh. These Academy Ratchanikun most famous territory of Aden. French Prince to kidnap the prince heir to the enormous ransom .
But everything is not as easy as you think. When the two roommates The eaves shield of Kano valve and alkyl killer of Casares . Know the plans of the French poured into the magical mysteries before the call themselves . “Crown of Hearts” began appearing in the dreams of the students and faculty . Includes both the Prince himself , followed closely by the appearance of the mysterious land of de Mos demons that claim . Self holds the secrets of the high king . Supreme king of Aden , the …
To investigate school sports The castle was invaded by hunters while living a busy school progresses. Hazard began creeping closer to French Prince . Kilpatrick and Carlo took it. Discussion on various issues Jungfraujoch Prince gives them the secrets of the high king him by accident. And have been the targets of the devil called. Crown of love …
Personally Thieves of San Ramos is the first book to provide both fun and inspiring . And a single book that left a lasting impression until now. Although the days are long past six or seven years after putting the book down with a smile and a tear.
The storyline of burglaries in San Ramos the most exotic. Both protagonists are common. Filled with cons and it has some advantages . And other characters This lively and realistic as well. The imagination like no other , and the theme of the story revealed in the end . Which made ​​me intrigued
By the early thieves of San Ramos . Will focus on the human struggle against evil in the human heart . Before the final reveal the true essence of the story. Is to reflect the beauty and disgust that exists in the human mind. And evaluation of human and human action . Through the Eyes of the Devil Which is superior beings . Back to the world that we see. Of the human Became a human being to live under the authority of the animals. Which I saw And friction Pierces highly emotional
Flowery and descriptive language used as well. Dialogue of the characters can reflect the habits and thoughts of the characters very well . In addition , there is the witty humor . Fascinate and commentaries The rhetoric that I have written this novel full of Thailand .
The characters in the story , despite a career that may not be true. Even in a world where imagination comes up. But habits and their actions are realistic . Rationality all backgrounds , abilities and emotions. Diverse, all have their own advantages and disadvantages , making the reader feel that the characters well beyond reason . Unreasonable or evil The actions of the characters makes the reader look back to themselves. That they were the same as them. Error the same?
Read this novel to be an emotional and sentimental, happy, sad, angry , poor end up with an impression. Just read the first book , it makes waiting on to finish the book, I can not. For readers who are looking for the pinnacle of literature that is both entertaining and commentaries. We recommend that you read the thieves of San Ramos staffs .



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